Goodnight Jesus with a chewed cover

My Favorite Goodnight Jesus Review

Goodnight Jesus with a chewed cover The reaction to Goodnight Jesus has been amazing. I’m humbled by the many wonderful reviews. And they just keep coming.

But his one is my favorite because this review came from a child.

Not just any child but a sweet boy with autism and a language delay. So how can a child show appreciation for a book when they don’t have any words to tell you?

By eating it of course.

His mother explains:

“The picture prompts work great for our son with extreme language delay, and the illustrations hit the sweet spot on interesting/overstimulating balance. There’s just enough detail for him to like taking his time looking over the book on his own AND he can follow along while we read without having a sensory overload. As you already know if you follow this blog, my son eats books he really likes.”

Over at Writing Like A Mother you can read the full review where she discusses how the book was received by all her kids: the older, the younger, the wiggly, and those with special needs. Goodnight Jesus may have chunky pages and short text of a board book but it has hidden depths that can be a discussion springboard for older children, too. 

Thumbs up for Goodnight Jesus

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