50 Precious Words Entry for 2022

Dinner Invite: My 50 Precious Words Entry

Every year, Vivian Kirkfield hosts the 50 Precious Words contest. Contestants write a complete story for kids with beginning, middle, and end. The challenge is that you have just 50 words to write the whole story.

Every year I’m blown away by the entries. But this is my first year throwing my hat into the ring.

the dinner Invite

Cat to Bird: “please come inside.”
“I’d rather not,” the Bird replied.

“Here’s a spread of seedy treats.
I’ll even eggsit while you eat.”

“No thanks,” the Bird said, unimpressed,
“but YOU are welcome as MY guest.”

Cat learned a lesson on that day –
never dine with birds of prey.

BONUS: The stresses on the third to last line are a good summary of my graduate research.

You can see my entry and read the others over on Vivian’s blog.

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