My 2021 Writing Succeses

My 2021 Writing Successes

Every year I participate in the free 12 days of Christmas for writers series. Every day you get a prompt that helps you assess the previous year and make goals for the new year.

Today’s prompt is to list your successes. In public. Gulp.

Why listing successes is important

2021 was not an easy year.

I’m very aware that I didn’t get as much done as my usual frenetic pace – fewer critiques, webinars, conferences, books read, … all of it. So reminding myself of what I achieved is doubly important this year even if it still makes me feel like a Braggy McBraggypants.

My List of Successes in 2021

Someone approached me to write a book for them because they’re familiar with my other work. That feels huge! And it led to a new book contract and a book I love.

Photo of Picture books: The Little Elephants' Big Adventures series

Published 3 new books!

Launched those 3 books – website updates, blog posts, social media announcements, etc.

Wrote 10 new shitty picture book drafts.

Revised 5 of those drafts to done. (And I’ll keep reminding myself that the reason I did less in other categories is because writing 5 book from proposal through editing in one year is INTENSE.)

Screenshot of 2021 Reading challenge on Goodreads: 197 books completed of 250 book goal.

Read 197 books (so far): 135 picture books and 52 novels

Co-ran a humor writing book group that read two craft books about humor writing.

Storystorm winner 2021

Won Storystorm.

Submitted my work to agents.

Got some champagne rejections!

Wrote 7 blog posts (now 8)

Sent out 2 newsletters.

Attended webinars.

Participated in critique groups.

Ran a middle-grade book group and participated in a sci fi book group. (Reading is important to being a good writer, so I’m counting it.)

The Biggest Success (and Only One You Really Need)

Kept writing despite all this *waves around*: me and You. truly the only award you need to win at writing.

I kept writing. That’s the real success.

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