And Now for Something Completely Different

So I’ve been a little distracted And Now for Something Completely Differentof late. I had some big news: my first book, Goodnight Jesus. That’s kind of a big deal.

And then lots of people reviewed it. Grown up people, kid people, video people. More people than I can possibly name. And they said some really lovely things that I’m not sure I deserve.  So a lot of my blog time has been spent gathering up those lovely things.

I have other projects I’m working on, too. There’s the big space-y one about New Horizons. I just had some super exciting news. SQUEEE! Buuuut I can’t share it just yet. Sorry. (Not sorry. SQUEEE!)

And I’m working on a freelance project I’m super excited about. It’s going great. I can’t tell you about it yet, either.

So someday I’ll have more big news to share. Then maybe I’ll have some more lovely things to share. Until then we’ll be back to our regular diet of nerdy book recommendations and mildly helpful writing tips.

Stay tuned.


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