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Goodnight Jesus Review from Raising Saints

Goodnight Jesus interior pagesThe reviews of Goodnight Jesus just keep coming. Today’s comes from Elissa Bjeletich of Raising Saints.

“If you have not yet seen Angela Isaacs’ new board book for babies and toddlers, you are missing out. Frankly, I was blown away.” [Emphasis mine.]

She gushed about the illustrations:

“Nicholas Malara’s illustrations may be the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.”

And had kind things to say about the text, too:

“Angela Isaacs keeps the wording simple and pure, with a lovely rhythm that is exactly right for a bedtime book.”

But mostly she saw just how important a book like Goodnight Jesus can be be a young child:

“I can’t help but think that book like this will open a child’s heart to love — God’s love, the love of the Saints and the love of the family. Truly, it’s a wonderful book, and a really beautiful first step in a child’s religious education.”

You can read the full review over at Raising Saints.

And of course, the book is available now on Ancient Faith’s website.

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