Goodnight Jesus Review from the Orthodox Mama

Goodnight Jesus children's bookThe reviews keep rolling in for Goodnight Jesus. Today’s is from Sarah at The Orthodox Mama.

Goodnight Jesus is a gentle rhyming book that helps children wind down as they say goodnight to and kiss the various people who are important to them.  The child in the book kisses Jesus and the saints goodnight and then does the same to his family as he prepares for bed.  The repetition and rhyme make for a lullaby-like bedtime story that will rock a child to sleep.”

I think she really gets to the heart of the book:

“The concept of kissing icons and saints is a part of our Faith that young children are drawn to from an early age.  I love that they are encouraged to do this through their interactions with this book!”

And of course she mentions Nicholas Malara’s gorgeous illustrations:

“Illustrations are of the utmost importance in a board book with few words.  So, I was excited to see that the illustrations are fantastic!”


You can read the full review over at The Orthodox Mama.

And you can purchase Goodnight Jesus at the Ancient Faith Store.




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