Happy Birthday, Goodnight Jesus

Goodnight Jesus review from Charming the Birds from the Trees

Goodnight JesusThe reviews of Goodnight Jesus keep rolling in.  Today’s is from Charming the Birds from the Trees.

“Kissing is one of the first things that a little one learns to do, and this nicely-sized board book is a good springboard for introducing the idea of kissing icons.  Goodnight Jesus is full of illustrations of Christ and the Mother of God, well-known saints of the Orthodox Church, and family members a baby would be familiar with.”

She appreciated Nicholas Malara’s gorgeous illustrations (who wouldn’t?):

“It is a beautifully and colorfully illustrated board book for babies and toddlers and is perfect for bringing to church services and reading at home.”

She also had kind things to say about the text:

“The language is simple, yet lyrical and will capture the attention of busy toddlers.”


You can read the full review over on her blog.

And, Goodnight Jesus is available now on Ancient Faith’s website.

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