Write Where You Are

Write Where You Are

Write Where You Are

Write where you are. No, that doesn’t mean while reading this on your phone in the grocery story line. (Then again, why not?)

I mean where you are in your life. That picture was my kitchen last month. It was taken while standing on the old kitchen counter having a break from knocking down part of the ceiling. Things look a far sight better now, but they’re still not done. Won’t be for awhile. Meanwhile, life carries on: work, childcare, yards to mow, and dishes to wash.

I took a break from writing this spring. A good solid month where the most writerly thing I could manage was reading before I passed out from exhaustion. Then the writing crept in. And now here I am: back at the blog, wrapping up revisions on one project, and looking forward to starting another.

That’s the thing with writers: writers gotta write. It’s not always easy. But we can’t give it up. As one author put it, if you CAN quit, you should.

So write where you are. Maybe you’re a full-time writer with the leisure (and pressure) of hours to fill. More likely, you’re like me. Fitting it in between the cracks of other commitments and making time where none exists.

Wherever you are, make time to write. Be it 5 minutes or 5 hours, write. That is what makes you a writer.


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