Why I Want to be A New Writer Forever

This Saturday I attended my first children’s book writing conference. I learned a lot, saw some great talks, and even got excellent feedback on a piece.

What stands out, though, was a small interaction with an editor.

I prefaced a question by telling her that I am a new writer. She launched into her standard spiel for new writers. The advice was excellent but I had read it many times. It struck me as pretty basic and most of it I’ve already followed.

  • I’ve read piles of how-to books on the writing craft.
  • I’ve dredged the internet for the best advice.
  • I’ve read literally thousands of children’s books. Good, bad, new, and old.
  • I’ve joined a critique group.
  • I’ve learned to put myself out there to publishers and agents.
  • I’ve even landed my first book deal.

So, why do I still feel like a n00b?

Because I still have so much to learn.

I walked away from this conference with a brimming notebook. Each new book I read offers insights. I’m constantly finding ways to improve my writing.

I’m no expert and I know it.

That’s not a bad thing. A little humble pie opens the doors for improving. A newbie has more much more room for growth than a more established writer.

In that case, I hope I’m always a newbie. Always learning, always improving, with wide-open space to explore.

But maybe I won’t introduce myself that way.

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