Review of Goodnight Jesus

Goodnight JesusMany Mercies has posted a lovely review of Goodnight Jesus.

“This book nicely ties together our love for Christ, with our love for the saints, the scriptures, our family, pets and dolls. The act of kissing is such a simple way to teach our children about love and tenderness and reverence, and the participatory nature of our faith.”

She also includes her experience of reading the book to her own children.

“She snuggled in to read the book with me right away, immediately pointing and saying, ‘Zeezus!’ in her sweet baby way….My big kids enjoyed the book, too! The oldest especially loved the picture of Christ just about to break open the gates of Hades; and the other laughed and laughed at the fish blowing a kiss. We all love the illustrations – which are bright and beautifully done.”

You can read the full review over on her blog.

And of course, the book is available now on Ancient Faith’s website.


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