Goodnight Jesus Lessons, Activities, and Resources

FREE Goodnight Jesus Lesson Plans and Activity Sheets

Goodnight Jesus Lessons, Activities, and Resources

Today I’m sharing something I’m really excited about. Lesson plans and activities based on Goodnight Jesus  for older children.

Wait, you’re thinking, isn’t this a book for little kids?

Yes, it is. But it’s also for older kids, too.

When I wrote Goodnight Jesus, I had the youngest children in mind. My inspiration came from watching my own toddling daughter kiss icons every night.  So I wrote the text to be short and sweet – just right for a cuddle before bed.

But I also wrote it to introduce children to the depth of our faith. It’s a foot in the door and an invitation to dive deeper. As children get older they are able to explore more and more of that depth.

These lesson plans will help you do just that.

There are several lesson plans for a variety of ages. They’re perfect for Church school classes, homeschoolers, or parents to use at home.


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