25+ Gift Ideas for Writers plus the Ultimate (free) gift all writers want

25+ Gift Ideas for Writers Plus the Ultimate (Free) Gift all Writers Want

Writers love writing-related gifts. If you’re stumped for ideas, try out these gift ideas – your favorite writer will thank you.

Using the Gift Guide

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As an author, you should own the following:
• 37 notebooks that are too nice to write in
• Over 500 assorted pens, none of which you can find 
• Enough books to sink a ship
• The heart of one who wronged you
• A cat
• So many coffee mugs
• Half of a magical amulet

I have included links and a highly unscientific price rating for each item ($ to $$$$), but they’re really just suggestions. You can adjust to your writer’s taste and your budget.

Most items come in a range of prices: A sampling of tea, for instance, could be as humble as a box off the shelf of your local big-box store or as fancy as an imported sampling of premium tea in a wooden display case.

I suggest springing for the luxury version of less-expensive items: a fair trade, single-origin chocolate bar is just a few bucks more than the grocery check-out version, but it feels decadent.

Food and Drinks Gifts

Food and drinks gifts hit that sweet spot of being both budget-friendly and truly appreciated. You really can’t go wrong here.

Caffeinated beverages

If you hang out with writers, you will soon learn that we love our caffeinated beverages.

Most writers don’t earn a full-time income from writing and may take many years to “make it.” We write early in the morning or late in the evening and subsist on caffeine. Liquid motivation can go a long way to making the writerly lifestyle work around full-time employment and other life demands.

Or maybe there’s just something about a steaming cup of coffee that’s downright magical.

In any case, find out the preferred caffeinated beverage of your writer and go to town. Options include:

Things to put caffeinated beverages into/make them with

Coffee mug that says "I Turn Coffee Into Books"

Again, writers like caffeinated beverages. So why not give them the gift of making a swanky cuppa at home. Or a fancy mug to hold that steaming cup of inspiration.


Comfort foods/drinks

Twitter Thread:
@taralazar: Oh, since I'm just lollygagging on Twitter, I suppose #askauthor is open! (Bonus if food talk is included.)
@angelamisaacs: what food pairs best with rejection, and why chocolate?
@taralazar: After watching the Venice/Moderna episode of Somwbody Feed @PhilRosenthal, I'd say 25-year-old balsamic vinegar pairs best with rejection (and gelato).

Aside from caffeinated beverages, comfort foods and drinks are also a good bet.

The path to success is paved with rejection and angst. Chocolate won’t get you a book deal, but it can ease the pain of rejection a little. Or homemade strawberry and balsamic vinegar gelato. (Which I will definitely be making soon.)

Which is why, in addition to caffeinated beverages, writers are fond of our comfort foods. Ferret out the comfort food of choice for your writer and then get creative. Common choices include:

Stationary Gifts

Even us writers that do our writing on a computer, still love the old-fashioned tools of the trade like notebooks and pens. Note that owning and using these things are two different hobbies.

A Fancy Pen (or two)

A good pen is a wonderful thing. Like a bottle of wine, I find the price bump from “mediocre” to “good” is not too bad ($). But you can easily spend upwards of “that could have been a mortgage payment” ($$$$).

Here are pens I currently use and love:

If your writer is already a fountain pen lover, check out these pen recommendations.

I suggest buying ink to go along with fountain pens. An ink sampler is a fun way to try out different inks.

Notebook or Journal

A nice notebook pairs well with those new pens you’re buying.

If your favorite writer has not yet discovered the joys of Bullet Journaling, they will. Trust me. I give it a year or until they open an Instagram account, whichever comes first. Dotted notebooks are better than lined for bullet journaling – all of these come in both options.


Stack of graphic novels

I left this to last because it seems…. obvious….?

Every writer is also a reader. Period. And most of us could use help in financing our book addiction. If you don’t have a book in mind, try one of these suggestions:

The ultimate (and free) gift for any writer

Whatever you’re purchasing for your writer, there’s one thing you absolutely MUST give them: your support.

It’s simple. It’s free. But it’s the one thing most writers can’t do without.

Writing can be a lonely endeavor. It takes persistence and years of dedication. Let your writer know you support them.

Support can come in many forms:

  • understanding that your friend may need to stay in and write rather than hit the town with you
  • knowing that it’s a long process and that lack of tangible progress (like a book on Amazon) is not a sign of failure
  • gifting them with the time to write
  • realizing that this is a commitment and a passion, not a hobby

However you show it, shower your writer with support and they will thank you every time.

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