Goodnight Jesus Lessons, Activities, and Resources

About the lessons

The words and pictures in Goodnight Jesus may be simple, but they draw from deep wells of knowledge and tradition about our faith.

These lessons are designed to help children explore some of the topics introduced in Goodnight Jesus. These can be used in Church School classes, by homeschoolers, or by parents at home. I’ve given age ranges for each lesson, but they are flexible enough to be used with wide age ranges.

For each lesson, I’ve also included links to some bonus materials.

Preschool – Kindergarten

Why do we kiss icons of the Saints? Because we love them! You’ll meet some Saints and talk about why you love them.

Kindergarten – Upper Elementary

Have a scavenger hunt for the icons mentioned in Goodnight Jesus. How many can you find in your parish or home?

Upper Elementary

Meet the Saints and icons featured in Goodnight Jesus. Why were they chosen? See if your answer matches mine.