Dogs, Bike Camping, and Empty Blogs

I don’t even have four blog posts yet and I disappeared. Before I turn into the least interesting person in the world, let me explain.

See I had reasons.

Child walking dogFirst, there was this dog. She needs a home for a few months and we’re fresh out of dogs. Our last doggy died a month ago after a long battle with bone cancer.

The kid’s are enjoying having a new dog. She does things our last dog couldn’t. Like walk. And play. And chew on their things.

They may not be enjoying that part so much.

Three days later we left on a trip. Nothing says “welcome” like sending you off to stay with a boarder you’ve never met. Two days after you arrived in the state.Tunnel Hill Trail

Thankfully, all went well. She made friends with the other dogs. We biked 30-something miles through beautiful fall foliage and cool old tunnels. We didn’t freeze while camping, despite my southern blood. And I’m still moving, even. Yay!

Now we’re back home and enjoying the calm. Until the new puppy comes home. Next week.

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