Announcing Goodnight Jesus

I’ve been (not so) patiently waiting to share this. In a little over a month from now my very first children’s book, Goodnight Jesus, will be published with Ancient Faith Press. Goodnight Jesus is an uniquely Orthodox Christian bedtime story from. From Saints to siblings, how better to say goodnight than with a kiss? I’m …

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Write Where You Are

Write Where You Are

Write where you are. No, that doesn’t mean while reading this on your phone in the grocery story line. (Then again, why not?) I mean where you are in your life. That picture was my kitchen last month. It was taken while standing on the old kitchen counter having a break from knocking down part of the …

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A is for Accountability

Many writers struggle with actually getting writing done. We have great intentions and maybe even some smart goals. But…. it just doesn’t happen. Most of us write as a second career. It’s squeezed into the scraps of time between paying jobs, childcare, eldercare, and laundry. Those scraps are prime real estate. Too often your writing time gets …

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The Gift of Slothfulness

Last year I gifted myself a few days of sloth for the holidays. No projects, no deadlines, and few obligations. For someone who usually runs at full throttle, the downtime was amazing. I read books, watched movies, and enjoyed a much slower pace. After a few days my sloth account was full and I jumped back …

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DOs and DON'Ts for New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

DOs and DON’Ts for New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

Two years ago I had only one resolution: submit a manuscript to an editor before the year was up. Any manuscript. Any editor. I didn’t expect it to lead to anything. I just needed to get over my fear and do it. That turned into my first book contract. (To be published next year!) None …

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Weaving and Serendipity

I put myself through college working in a weaving studio. True story. I mentioned this while chatting with the owner of my local yarn store.  Turns out she was looking for a weaving instructor. Serendipity. So yesterday I taught my first weaving class. It turned out that one of my students went to the same small college as another …

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