4 Pinterest Boards for Writers

4 Pinterest Boards for Writers

4 Pinterest Boards for WritersI use several tools for storing useful tidbit. Evernote is hands down my favorite for book research. But Pinterest is my favorite for storing other things. Pinterest is especially great for sharing those collections with others. When Goodnight Jesus was published, I made a Pinterest board of useful tidbits for my readers.

Today, I’m sharing some resources for my fellow writers. These are the 4 Pinterest boards I use to store my writerly resources.



Getting words on paper (or screen) is fundamental to writing. Nothing else can happen without that. This Pinterest board is full of the stuff you need to get those words out: writing craft articles, motivating quotes, and funny memes.


Writing Tools

Having the right tools can make all the different. This board features articles on my favorite tools for writing.


Revising and Editing

If writing is fundamental to being a writer, but revising is fundamental to creating something others want to read. Or that publishers want to publish. This Pinterest board is full of resources to help you perfect your prose.


Blogging, Branding, and Social Media

Writers are expected to do a lot more than just write and edit these days. Most of us have to spend some time thinking about how we will market our work. That includes spreading the word through blogs, social media, and branding.


4 Pinterest Boards for Writers

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